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WeatherAmes Rooftop Show 10/23/2020



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"You guys are fucking AWESOME!"

-  some curly haired dude

"Lead singer is a surprisingly good dancer!"

-  Paula Abdul

WeatherAmes began as a solo project for Matt Ames in 2018. A year later, he collaborated with Corey Campbell (SUSTO and Babe Club) who produced a collection of his songs that became the first album, Holy Smoke.

Ames was soon joined by Sam Wynkoop (bass, vocals), John Silver (guitar), Ed Baldi (keys), and Brian Moran (drums). Within a month, they became a band ready to make a second album. The result was 2020’s Beauty in the Wreck.

The third album, Stone Soup, released in the late summer of 2021, was recorded in Charleston, SC and features Charleston artists such as Justin Osborne of SUSTO and Julius DeAngelis, Corey Campbell, and Jenna Desmond of Babe Club. The new album, like 2019’s Holy Smoke, is produced by Campbell.

Thumbnail Photos by Casey Vock 




Photography by Nick Moreland

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